This is no ordinary Hotel

The Centro Magliaso is no ordinary hotel. Its objective is to make sure everybody can go on holiday. Regardless of age, gender, religion, race and status. Everyone is welcome here.

The establishment is run by a cooperative. This way we safeguard the long-term future of the Centro Magliaso. If you want to help ensure that this little holiday paradise continues to remain open to everyone in the future, you are welcome to join the cooperative:



The Young Church founded the Centro Evangelico Magliaso, to be run as an ecclesiastical camp.


The Centro Magliaso opens its doors to other groups and increasingly also for individuals and families.


Construction of the Centro Magliaso.


Wheelchair access is added to the Boscaccio building.


The Centro Magliaso must be sold. A group of dedicated people who would like to stop the plot falling into the hands of speculators and set up the cooperative.


The red Holzbau Paradiso is created with 19 new rooms.


Conversion of fuel oil to pumped sea water for hot water and heating.