Our Values

Ownership Structure

The Evangelical Reformed Church of Zurich as owner assigns the Centro Magliaso to the administrative assets and thus guarantees a cost rent in the long term. Independent operational management of the facility as a tenant with the option to exercise the right of first refusal.



Appropriate accrual of equity to maintain independence and sufficient liquidity to cover annual operating/personal expenses, unforeseen investments, and renewal/extension of offering.

Investment Activity 

To maintain the value of the property and infrastructure, renew and increase the attractiveness of the current offering.

Use of Surplus

For investment, to build up reserve and social funds, and interest on capital.
No profit distribution to cooperative members.

Risk Propensity

Conservative management with maximum possible guarantee of security in observance of legal stipulations.

Innovation Propensity

Situational, moderate with focus on expedience and added value.

Ecological Sustainability

This is a core value and is a major factor in all decisions.

Revenue Growth

Qualitative growth through extending the season, gaining new customers, and increasing room occupancy.

Organisation Structure

The Evangelical Centre Cooperative for Holidays and Education in Magliaso is operated as a non-profit organisation.
Retention of cooperative members and active recruitment of new cooperative members by administration and centre management.
Strategic management by the administration in a voluntary capacity; operational management by the centre management in salaried positions.

Business Organisation

Overall operational responsibility lies with the centre management with regard to  decision-making and directive authority in the context of annually defined planning.

Leadership Style in the Business

Largely participative, with pronounced awareness by employees of their own responsibility.


Contemporary offering with a focus on sporting activities, relaxing oasis, cross-generational interaction, and gastronomic offering, with flexibility to adapt to changing needs of guests and target groups (Groups, those with disabilities, families, members of the cooperative).

Pricing Structure

Depending on structure and sponsorship, flexible, target-group-compatible pricing with the possibility of cross-subsidisation of overnight rates that do not cover costs. Orientation towards the price level of comparable offers in Switzerland.

Relationship with Decision-Makers

Continuous, transparent management of contacts, appropriate to level.

Achieving Social Aims

Attractive offering with services appropriate to needs, and a high level of social skills within the team are essential.

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