Our Strategy 2030

Ownership Structure

As a private corporation, the Cooperative Evangelical Centre for Holidays and Education in Magliaso is the leaseholder of the Centro Magliaso. The owner of the facility, including the real estate, is the Evangelical Reformed Parish Zürich.

The cooperative has the possibility of acquisition of the facility together with the real estate by contractually agreed right of first refusal.

The priority is continuation of the lease, which will be secured with a new lease agreement, ensuring stability and security for the future. Clearly defined responsibilities of owner/lessee and the required freedom of action for the cooperative as lessee are contractually defined.

An understanding of the operational needs is fostered by actively cultivating relationships with the ownership, thereby ensuring long-term cooperation.

Organisation & Structure


As a non-profit organisation, the cooperative focuses all its activities on long-term maintenance and development of services. 
Corporate Governance is given the highest priority. This is in alignment with the “Swiss Code of best Practice for Corporate Governance” by Economiesuisse.

Sustainable action is an important aspect of the organisation’s philosophy. Social and ethical concerns as a whole must be considered, along with judicious use of natural and financial resources.

Raising capital and rejuvenation strengthen the cooperative and ensure long-term survival. Moderate growth is achieved through gaining new members within the cooperative, which takes into account the risk of a “hostile takeover”.

Members of the Cooperative

The members of the cooperative support the ideas of the cooperative and are committed to its ideals and values without self-interest or profit motives.


The members of the administration, elected by the members of the cooperative, work on a voluntary basis and are responsible for the strategic management of the organisation. 

The administration manages the cooperative in accordance with the statutory requirements, within the framework of the approved budget, ensuring that the management functions at all times at the appropriate level with a clear allocation of tasks, responsibilities, and competencies.

The composition of the administration is determined by the expertise required to ensure professional management and by a representation of the owners, with continuity in the committee.

Centre Management

The centre management is responsible for the operational management of Centro Magliaso according to the defined tasks, responsibilities, and competences.

In the event of succession of the centre management, it must be ensured that the values and the Strategy 2030 are implemented with conviction in the future, a long-term relationship is created, and knowledge can be optimally transferred.


Regardless of idealistic objectives, the company’s performance is based on the principle of maximum economic efficiency. The generation of sufficient earnings, adequate liquidity, creation of reserves, and a healthy equity structure ensure the continued existence of the company.

A positive annual result is achieved through budgetary management and a balance of expenses and income. The profit generated is credited to equity to ensure that maintenance and new investments are possible. The investments are based on a rolling medium-/long-term plan in accordance with the owner.

Attracting new cooperative members increases equity.

In general, the cooperative capital does not attract interest. The annual general meeting decides on this.
The acquisition of new groups and individual guests with greater purchasing power improves the profit situation and enables the accommodation of guest groups with a price structure that does not cover costs.

Services are generally offered at cost-covering prices; cross-subsidisation (e.g., for youth groups) is possible if the defined criteria are met.

Investment Activity

The highest priority is given to maintenance and replacement in the facility, operation, and technology, and must be planned for the medium/long term, in line with legal requirements and norms.

Investment in expanding the offering must generate a direct benefit. Investment activity strives to achieve a balance between guest/business.

Investment for maintenance, replacement, and expansion must be decided/made with consideration of sustainable aspects.

Contracts are to be awarded locally whenever possible if the service/price offer is competitive

Development & Innovation

The offering and services are constantly reviewed through proactive research in the market and with guests. Further developments are based on the findings thereof and changes in society. The focus is on benefits to the guest and the cooperative.

New trends are considered to the extent that they are financially and operationally viable and generate sustainable benefit.

Offer & Services

The range of products and services is determined by the cooperative’s purpose and defined target groups. These are provided to a high standard in terms of quality, with safety and hygiene being top priority. Service provision has a high cost/benefit ratio.

The variety of buildings and the generous size of the complex with its direct access to the lake must be used as an opportunity and consciously developed further, with careful use of the resources of the available space, without losing the spaciousness of the Centro Magliaso in the process.

Direct access to the lake must be ensured.

Further development focuses on infrastructure and related services. Entertainment and education are mainly provided by the customers themselves or by partners.

Decisions regarding the expansion or reduction of services are to be made with sustainability in mind.

Marketing & Communication

The principle of “service before advertising” applies. Nevertheless, active market cultivation is pursued, not in an aggressive manner, but authentically and with style and sensitivity. Information is always honest and credible, and the USPs can be recognised and experienced; the visual language conveys “diversity” and “cross-generation”. 

The various marketing instruments with recognition value and corporate style (annual report, brochures, flyers, website, social media, etc.) are used in a way that is appropriate for the target groups. Online platforms for gaining solo travellers (e.g., Booking.com) are only used in exceptional cases and to optimise occupancy.

Active internal (cooperative members) and external (customers, partners, community) marketing and communication is coordinated and has a uniform appearance (CD/CI).


Groups of young people, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, families with children, and individual guests make up Centro Magliaso’s customers. The main focus is on groups or, during the summer holiday period, families.

A balanced mix of guests ensures that the needs of the various guest sectors can be met at all times. 
Every arriving guest knows Centro Magliaso’s offering and special features. Active support of the guest before, during, and after the stay is striven for.

Partners & Company

Through its action on-site, the cooperative assumes responsibility for the company.

The centre management, supported by the administration, maintains contact with the community and institutions, actively promoting added value at all levels.

Cooperation between partners and suppliers is based on trust and fairness and is designed to be long term. Attitudes towards ethic principles and values in commercial trade (responsibility, integrity, respect, justice, sustainability, transparency) are crucial in the selection pf partners/suppliers.

Cooperations with partners and competitors in tourism are actively sought and promoted.


Employees with a high level of social skills are the heart of Centro Magliaso and take on a central role with personal responsibility.
A progressive employee policy, especially with regard to management style, working conditions (L-GAV [National collective labour agreement in the hotel and restaurant industry]), social security, equal opportunities, and active professional promotion/development ensures continuity and quality for the guest.

Staffing/planning with permanent, seasonal, and part-time employees take into account seasonal variations in demand. Flexibility must be ensured at all times in case there are short-term changes in demand. Key positions are filled with specialists who have sound training and several years of professional experience.

As a continuous process, the development potential of each individual employee must be recognized and actively promoted.

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