Sustainability at the Centro Magliaso

We've been passionate about nature for years and we are continually implementing new measures to support sustainability and climate protection.

  • Every year, we invest into the care and preservation of our tree population.
  • Since five years, we are using a lake water heat pump for our hot water preparation and to heat the swimming pool. This way, we save 70 000 litres of fuel oil.
  • In the future, we want to invest more into photovoltaic panels to produce power which is directly being fed into our grid.
  • Waste management and the fight against foodwaste are topics which we try to optimize constantly.

What's the «Cause we Care» initiative from myclimate?

myclimate is a foundation that is committed to effective climate protection. With the launch of the "Cause we Care" initiative, they promote sustainable tourism in which businesses, associations and private individuals work together to support climate protection.

Learn more about the "Cause we Care" initiative from myclimate here.

Making a difference together

Your contribution as a guest

As participants, we offer our guests the opportunity to voluntarily invest a small contribution in climate protection and sustainability measures when booking.

Our contribution

If you contribute, we'll double up: We double all the contributions our guests make. Our share goes directly into the earmarked fund for regional climate protection and sustainability measures.


What happens to the money?

The entire amount flows into an earmarked fund:

  • Part of the contribution goes into the climate protection project «Mangrove Restoration in Myanmar» we have selected. This will offset the climate-damaging emissions of your booking.
  • The second part finances climate protection and sustainability measures on site at Centro Magliaso.